A Guide to Effective Searches in Higher Education: Roles, Responsibilities, & Rewards                                   

This document describes ways universities can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their efforts to identify, recruit and employ talented leaders at both institutional and school or college level.  With more than 875 searches completed, the consultants of Harris Search Associates appreciate very much the varied and distinctive cultures of universities as well as the different policies and procedures used to find and hire leadership. But our experience has also taught us that search processes are subject to similar circumstances and conditions that most - if not all - institutions can and should prepare for to ensure success.

Our view is reinforced by the insights that come from within universities, in this case, the insights of a veteran academic, Professor Sue Carter of Michigan State University. Professor Carter served as chair of a search and demonstrated the sort of clear-eyed leadership that makes working with colleges and universities the extraordinary experience that comes along every so often.

We offer this guide to prospective and client universities with an eye toward helping them with senor-level searches.  But we also seek to improve our services as well as our business.  

Enclosed in the PDF for download is a brief summation of insight gained from our firm experience and input from recent clients.....

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